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October 6, 2016

June 15, 2016

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April 13, 2016

This is my ninety-three year-old aunt. What do you think she's worth?" asks Alicia Cooley as she points out attractive features on her elderly relative from St. Paul, Minnesota.

The expert, in this case a mutual fund manager for Dean-Witter, proceeds to analyze the agi...

April 5, 2016

 Survivor Spin-Offs - Overrated - Overdone - Overblown

The success of CBS's reality series, "Survivor," has other network executives scrambling to copy the program's success.

Here are some of the new shows other networks have in the works for next year:

E-Channel's Hot T...

March 29, 2016

The jury in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, which received unprecedented media attention when it rendered its controversial not-guilty decision, says it is now available to be heard on other important issues.

Many followers of the trial thought the decision revealed a...

Dear Dr. Loop,

My husband, Stan, is starting to really worry me. I woke up in the middle of the night last week and found him wearing a doctor's uniform. I mean white coat, stethoscope and everything. He was typing away at his keyboard. I think he was online, pretending...

March 22, 2016

Some are calling it the largest crustacean catastrophe in U.S. history. Others are calling it the beginning of a widespread seafood revolution.

During a lively LobsterFest at trendy Scottsdale, Arizona bistro, The Galloping Grotto, a giant lobster named Louie escaped th...

Dear Dr. Loop,

My pain-in-the-neck husband snores very loudly at night, which makes it impossible for me to get a decent night's sleep. We fight constantly and he insists he doesn't snore. Finally, I decided to take matters into my own hands to shut him up.

After he's al...

March 7, 2016

Instead of watching reruns of TV shows from the Fifties and Sixties, imagine if networks decided to re-create the shows for our modern times.

Leave It To Da Beaver 2017

The Cleavers still live in the same home, though the neighborhood has changed around it. Next door is...

March 2, 2016

A Wacky Times Exclusive Investigative Breakthrough!

While most fans of the runaway hit novel, The Da Vinci Code, are intrigued to follow the main characters as they unravel secret codes

surrounding the ancient Holy Grail, few readers realize there are still more codes...

February 16, 2016

Dear Dr. Laura,

My boyfriend and I get along spectacularly. He's kind, intelligent, thoughtful and honest. We recently had an interesting discussion about traffic signals. He says you can still enter an intersection on a yellow light. I say you should stop if it's yello...

September 8, 2015

Is your sexiness affected by the generosity you display at restaurants?

According to a new survey, that is exactly the case.

Diners who tip generously are considered "sexier", "better looking" and "more deserving of admiration" – according to a questionnaire completed by...

March 18, 2015

With traffic jamming most of the state's metropolitan areas, plans have just been approved to solve all of California's congestion problems at once.

The entire state, which is rather tall and narrow, will be paved over and turned into our nation's largest thoroughfare.


February 3, 2015

US and Canadian leaders announced today that their two countries are merging in order to reduce operating costs and increase production efficiencies. "We're simply following the trend created by corporations who find this a quick way to increase market share and reduce...

March 12, 2014


 In a sweeping new national, class-action filing, a leading malpractice attorney inadvertently filed a massive class-action malpractice suit against himself, and tens of thousands of other malpractice attorneys.

"When I filled out the computerized l...

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