Word Gymnastics


What does the prefix "de-", which you find in the words decaffeinated or derail, mean?

Our inexpensive dictionary says: "away from; also to form a word reversing or undoing an action, such as decentralized or decoded."

With that in mind, here are some new words (and their meanings) to help improve your vocabulary:

Debarked–successful dog voice training

Debased–a downsized military



Deserved–cafeteria style

Deranged–cattle in pens


Degraded–pass/fail (not to be confused with "detested" = auditing a course)

Devoted–ignored all of the candidates

Denominated–Forbes, Lamar, et al.

Designed–deaf person's cold shoulder

Decal–U.S. after the "big one"

Decadence–ain't got rhythm


Debasement–home on a slab

Deducted–no air conditioning

Deliver–goose sans pate

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